Claudie Poinsard lives and works in Cagnes sur mer since 1977.

Immersed in a multicultural environment through her mixed heritage, from a Cameroonian father and a French mother, she is showcasing on the international scene rich and dense painted works that started with installations and performances.


In her artistic approach, she represents human bodies to the limits of their representation. Her main aspiration is to deconstruct the body shape, its reflection in the mirror to only live its vacuity. The body image, blended or figurative is lost in the matter and emphasized by the lines, therefore fragmenting the arbitrary nature of its envelope. The themes in her works are grasping the notion of modern humanity:


She questions identity, the culture of consumerism, which is wasteful, the worship of beauty, and loneliness.  She has participated to events such as The UMAM, «Homage to Jean Moulin» and «70 years of The UMAM».

She is an artist member of the MAD platform (Galerie Mam, Douala, Atiss, Dakar, Fondation Don Wahi Abidjan). Her works was showcased in Denmark (Galerie Pia JuelVerland) and in France (Galerie Patrick Bartoli, Marseille, Galerie Otéro, La Colle s/Loup, Blue Dog Litho, Bargemon).